Sephora vs Ulta: Which is Better?

The new year is approaching fast but you always find time to look your best no matter how quickly change comes around that corner.

Sticking to what works but always looking for upgrades is part of your M.O. Fortunately, multiple new makeup products and product lines are right there with you heading into 2022.

Some days the best drugstore makeup suits your mood. Other days you are feeling something a little more specifically, well…you.

If you are looking for the perfect Face by Halsey products or Kissing Lipstick palettes by Charlotte Tilbury to round out your makeup collection, look no further. Read ahead about 8 new brilliant makeup products to add to your bag in 2022.

Sometimes you simply need to round out your makeup bag. Other times you are looking for that one new product to help you look like your best self no matter what comes around the corner.

Whether you are traveling, dating, or working more in 2022 or simply taking over the world, several new makeup products are worth a look. 8 brilliant new makeup products to add to your bag in 2022 are: