Which software has a founder who sought the nomination for U.S. president?

To defend your computer from trojan viruses and other types of potential breaches is essential in these modern times. Cyberattacks on consumers are on the rise. You need one or more of the best antivirus software programs available to protect all your Wi-Fi or data network-connected devices from online threats. Continue reading to learn how to protect your devices using one or more of these 8 best antivirus software options available today.

The Best Computer Security Protection Programs You Need to Know About Now

While some malware breaches are mild and even undetectable, others are severe. Even severe breaches are sometimes undetectable until it is too late. The best malware protection for Mac and Windows systems helps prevent damage and rid your computer or other applicable devices of threats. The top 10 programs on the market today are:

1. Bitdefender.

2. Windows Defender.

3. ClamAV.

4. Norton Antivirus.

5. Kaspersky Antivirus.

6. Avira.

7. Avast Antivirus

8. ESET Antivirus.

9. McAfee Antivirus.

10. Sophos Home.