Which tax preparation software is the best?

Tax season will be something we will never get away from, especially on a quarterly time frame. The best current and upcoming tax filing software programs help make the process simple, accurate and convenient.

Each company creates programs with similar features to those provided by their competitors. 

Every company also strives to add unique features to set its product apart from other programs. Read ahead to learn the best features (and some limitations) of the top tax software options available today.

How Does Tax Software Work?

Every tax software program has its top features. Some limitations also exist, although most of these are relevant to what features are included and how well they work for your needs.

This means the best tax software is strongly suitable for your needs at an affordable price. The top tax return software programs for this approaching tax season include:

1. TurboTax.

2. H&R Block Online.

3. TaxAct

4. TaxSlayer.

5. Jackson Hewitt Online.

6. Credit Karma Tax.

7. E-File.com.