Tennis Grandslam: What 4 Tournaments must you win?

Professional tennis players are some of the best athletes in the world. Their endurance, win totals and feats set long-lasting records across the world. 

Tennis enthusiasts searching for information on these records might get lost in seemingly endless information but for helpful guides such as the one you are reading now. Continue reading below for insightful and entertaining information on the 9 greatest records and achievements in recent tennis history.

9 Amazing Junior and Professional Tennis Achievements

The sport of tennis is full of amazing athletes setting world records from the USTA Junior Tournaments to the top of the professional leagues. Some records have held up for ages, while others have only recently been broken. 9 of the most amazing records and achievements in tennis history include:

  1. Rafael Nadal – All time Wins.
  2. Fastest Serves.
  3. Top 5 Women’s Tennis Players of All Time.
  4. Top 5 Men’s Tennis Players of All Time.
  5. Jimmy Conners’ Open Era Records.
  6. The Legend of Billie Jean King.
  7. USTA Junior Tournaments Records.
  8. Combined Records of the Top Siblings in Tennis.
  9. John McEnroe’s Career Fines and Other Random Records